Take a look around for all things watercolour. Here you can learn, shop, and help the community. Get inspired by following the Art & Scripture series, with weekly Bible-inspired paintings. Enjoy!​


Hi and welcome to my studio! My name is Patricia Garcia and I’m a watercolour artist based in Ontario, Canada, where I live with my husband, our three kids and our cranky – but adorable – old dog.

The Olive Tree Art Studio is the creative hub to share my paintings and my passion to teach. I’ve seen first hand that art has the power to gently transform us, and by extension, all that surrounds us.

As a Christian, the beauty of God’s creation and the truths from the Scripture are a huge inspiration to my paintings. I’ve found that the more we surround ourselves with His Word, the more we are reminded of who He is and what His promises and purposes are for us.

I’m inspired by poetic skies, dynamic wildlife, and luminous flowers. Most of my work revolves around these themes. Canadian winters are long, and I like to surround myself with the strong elegance and grace of nature. It’s like a joyful breath of fresh air all year round, even when I’m indoors. View my gallery to see my latest work.

Why “The Olive Tree”?




There are two things that I’m passionate about: creating art and learning more from the Bible.

The ‘Art & Scripture Series’ combines both and, as a result, I’m publishing one Bible-inspired painting every Monday, for the whole year. You can follow them here, on Facebook, or Instagram, or even receive them by email when you subscribe to that little box with the dark green button on this page.


I invite you to take a moment of your day to meditate on the passage, pray and enjoy the portion of fresh art that goes with it. And if you want to go deeper, open your Bible and read the full chapter. Perhaps you can choose some of your favorite passages and paint, draw or journal them too, after all, art is a powerful expression of worship. Either way, it’s my prayer that you may listen to the Lord’s voice as you read, pray and ponder as you follow this project every week.