Blog posts ART & SCRIPTURE 2/2022 - Malachi 3:6

Malachi 3:6

I the Lord do not change.
Malachi 3:6

Our lives are constantly changing. We have no guarantees and we don't know what tomorrow holds. We go through seasons, mountains and valleys, dark and sunny skies, trials and bursts of joy, trying to make the best of every situation.

That's why I find God's immutability a great source of comfort. It's reassuring to rely on his constancy knowing that he doesn't get tired, he's not influenced by others, his words are true, and he always fulfills his promises. It is also an alert because I know that he'll bring justice to this earth and nothing is hidden from him.

As I write this blog post, our family is isolating at home because our youngest daughter got COVID. She was quite ill for a few days but she's getting better now. I'm thankful for answered prayers and I'm thankful that the rest of us are fine. I'm thankful because although this was unknown territory for us, I never felt alone and I could trust in his plans for us.

This abstract painting represents our lives' seasons and transitions and the golden lines portray God's immutability, his never-changing, reassuring dependency. No matter what, I know that he is the only true constant in my life. And that brings me peace and courage to carry on.

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