Hi and welcome to the Olive Tree Art Studio! My name is Patricia Garcia and I’m the artist behind the artwork you see here. I'm a Brazilian-Canadian living in Ontario, Canada, with my husband, our three young kids, and our cranky – but adorable – old dog.

The Olive Tree Art Studio is the creative hub to share my Bible-inspired paintings. As a Christian, the beauty of God’s creation and the truths from the Scripture are a huge inspiration to my paintings. I’ve found that the more we surround ourselves with His Word, the more we are reminded of who He is and what His promises and purposes are for us.

I paint mostly watercolors and I’m inspired by poetic skies, dynamic wildlife, and luminous flowers and, of course, many verses from the Bible! Most of my work revolves around these themes. Canadian winters are long, and I like to surround myself with the strong elegance and grace of nature as well. It’s like a joyful breath of fresh air all year round, even when I’m indoors.

Here are a few random and irrelevant facts about me...

  • I love trying new recipes on the weekends, cooking is also my creative outlet!
  • I usually paint listening to a sermon or worship music. This is the best way to help me to focus and be fully present with my artwork.
  • I am a planner, I love organizing stuff, I'm crazy for stationary, but for the life of me, I can't keep a paper planner updated. Everything is digital. I still try the paper planners from time to time, though. They are so pretty!
  • I usually start my days super early, before my kids wake up, just to make sure I have uninterrupted time for myself. Does that work? Sometimes it's wonderful, sometimes my toddler is up at 5:00 am, but I keep trying...
  • Ever since I can remember I have this dream of being able to fly. One day I will go skydiving... This is one of the items in my bucket list. 

And if you read this far, thank you and let's stay in touch! You can follow me on Instagram, like me on Facebook and subscribe to my Newsletter to know more about the latest on my work. And if you just want to say Hi... You can send me an email here!