ART & SCRIPTURE 1/2022 - John 15:13

Art & Scripture 1/2022 - God is love

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
John 15:13


Hi! This is the first painting of 2022 and this year I'm painting about the attributes of God. It's my hope to know him better along this journey, and I'm happy you are following it alongside me! It's my prayer that God will speak to you and that you may grow closer to him.

This month I'm sharing about God's love. I must admit that even though I've been walking with the Lord for so many years, this love is still hard for me to understand. My limited mind can't comprehend the depths of a true love like this. God is love and his greater love for us is exemplified by the sacrifice and victory of Christ on the cross.

Even though I can't fully comprehend it, his love gives me peace and hope. I know that when everything is spiraling out of control in this crazy world, I can still rest in him. Because of his love. Because he IS love. He is all the safety net that I need, he's my strong tower. And because of that, I start every new day reminding myself where I should put my trust. Not in me, not in my need for control, not in my circumstances, my trials, or challenges, but in the one who loved me first.


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